A Potential Disaster For Small Businesses?

A Potential Disaster For Small Businesses?

Nearly any business can take advantage of the marketing power of Every Door Direct Mail – Retail service. Enter your targeted zip code below and use our map tool to find the exact routes you would like to mail to. With several Hang Tag Printing exclusive filtering options like drive time, radius and even up-to-date demographic data, you’re sure to find your ideal customers.

All you do in this case is to select a carrier route using the easy to understand EDDM mapping tool, and then you can be sure that your mail will go directly to the targeted area and every active homestead will receive whatever it is that you had to send out.

The online tools also now include a Quick-Check option for customers to enter the dimensions for their pieces of mail, to be sure they meet mailing standards, and to select specific mail routes according to their targeted population using the added demographic data feature.

Whether you are a restaurant that wants to share delivery menus with customers or a local business promoting a grand opening or special offer, EDDM postcard printing allows you to get your printed piece right into the hands by targeting an entire neighborhood.


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